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Hoover Foldaway, Hurricane & SmartSeries Belt Pack (2)

Ref: DBP/0024/WEB/HOOV

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1 Pack 2.99 each

2 Packs 2.25 each


Hoover Foldaway, Hurricane & SmartSeries Belt Pack (2)
will fit the following model(s):

Hurricane, Whirlwind, Cyclone, (All Models), HU4187T, HU4197T, HU4207/1, HU4208, HU4220
406/3995, 406/4011
Smart Series SM1901, SM2000, SM2100
Smart Pets SM1800
Pet Hair WHS2101
Hoover 71 BL01001
(NB For Whirlwind W1500, W2700 Series see DBP/0022/WEB/HOOV)
Hoover belt ref: V29
Belt ref: YMH28950, YMH29694
(Pack of 2)

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