Top 10 Vacuum Cleaners 2017

The Trusted Reviews website recently road-tested – carpet-tested? – several brands and type of vacuum cleaner, including bagged machines, bagless models, cordless vacuums, cylinder vacuums and uprights. Each cleaner in the round-up was comprehensively reviewed and on their website you can read about the vacuums’ pros and cons; and see how well they cleaned in […]

The easy way to optimise your vacuum cleaner performance

You know it is a necessary task because clogged filters prematurely reduce the suction and cleaning performance of your cleaner and can lead to it overheating. The heavy soiling in a pleated filter is also very difficult to clean, but using a pre-filter to prevent dust and dirt clogging the pleated filter in the first […]

FiltaMagic get cooking with cooker hood filters.

If you avoid using certain foods when cooking because they create a strong odour and the smell clings to everything in your house, then you will definitely appreciate the benefits a cooker hood brings. Cooker hoods come with a variety of extraction rates, up to and including 1000 cubic metres per hour. This fact alone […]

There’s so much more at FiltaMagic.

There’s more to FiltaMagic than being stockists of a massive range of vacuum filter consumables to suit almost any vacuum cleaner on the market. FiltaMagic is your one-stop-shop for all your vacuum cleaner accessories. FiltaMagic provide bags for canister, cylinder, upright, stick and handheld vacuum cleaners, along with PureFilta HEPA bags for most makes and […]

Does your bagless vacuum cleaner filter always need cleaning?

DON’T SWEEP THE PROBLEM UNDER THE CARPET…THERE IS AN EASY SOLUTION. FiltaClean pre-filters for use in all bagless vacuums were developed by FiltaMagic to extend the effective life of pleated filters. Such pleated filters are expensive to replace and, depending on brand and model, they can sometimes be impossible to find, which could eventually lead […]

Four spring cleaning tips from FiltaMagic.

As we look forward to the warmer weather of spring, the phrase ‘spring cleaning’ comes to mind. Here are a few helpful tips from FiltaMagic on cleaning your house and how to keep your property in fantastic shape so it’s clean, tidy and sparkling – even if you hate domestic cleaning! 1 – Clean along […]


There is air pollution of sorts inside your home, with things like dust mites and dirt brought in from outdoors. Indoor air pollution from sources like this can irritate your lungs and be a cause of allergies and asthma. If you use an ordinary vacuum cleaner though, you might just be moving dust and dirt […]

Seasonal tidy-up for seasonal guests.

If you’re hosting Christmas this year you will already be planning to prepare for your visitors and guests; beginning with cleaning out the refrigerator and oven; and vacuuming throughout to keep your home looking clean and fresh. In what order, and when, you do the big Christmas tidy-up is entirely your choice, but most people […]


Dust mites might be tiny creatures but they can cause big trouble for people who suffer from asthma and allergic reactions. These minuscule bugs, barely one hundredth of an inch long and looking like tiny specks of dust, share our homes and feed on the invisible flakes of dead skin that we shed every day. […]

What’s in name?

‘Harry’ has been part of the FiltaMagic branding since 2010 but this year we are retiring him and introducing a new character mascot. The new Filtaman taking over the FiltaMagic wand will be utilised throughout our website and have more flexibility to be used across other online channels and marketing material. We’ve had fun coming […]