Shark S3501-S3901 Steam mop Coral Pockets Pack (2) © Filtamagic

Shark S3501-S3901 Steam mop Coral Pockets Pack (2)

Ref: MOP/0009/2

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This Shark S3501-S3901 Steam mop Coral Pockets Pack (2) is designed to fit the following model(s):

Shark® - S2901
Shark® Slim Professional Steam Mop - S3455
Shark® Steam Pocket® Mop - S3501
Shark® Steam Pocket® Mop - S3502
Shark® Professional Steam Pocket® Mop - S3601
Shark® Sonic Professional Steam Mop - S3701
Shark® Lift-Away Professional Steam Pocket® Mop - S3901
Shark® Sonic Steam Mop - SM200
Shark® - S4501
Shark Ref: XT3501SD
(Pack of 2)

Fits any Shark Pocket Mop excluding those with XLT heads (16"/410mm wide), and features coral microfibre fingers offering incredible absorbancy and drying performance lock in the dirt and moisture removed from the floor. These cleaning pads work really well on all floors , but particularly well on uneven hardfloors such as natural flagstones, hand made terracotta tiles, textured floors or similar. Double the sides, double the cleaning area. Machine washable at 40°c with a liquid detergent.

Max head fitting dimensions:
Head Width 300mm/12"
Head Depth 180mm/7" (front to back)

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