Miele G & N Vacuum Cleaner Paper Bag Pack (5) © Filtamagic

Miele G & N Vacuum Cleaner Paper Bag Pack (5)

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This Miele G & N Vacuum Cleaner Paper Bag Pack (5) is designed to fit the following model(s):

S227i to S240i,
S269i to S282i,
S400i to S499i,
S600i to S699i,
S800i to S899i,
S2000 to S2999,
S5 Series S5000 to S5999,
S8 Series S8000 to S8999
Lifestyle Models:
White Pearl S400
Medivac S400
Cat & Dog 800
Cat & Dog 5000
Solution Hepa 5000
Allervac Sensor 5000
Argos Ref: 408/1788
Miele G & N
(Pack of 5)

Where should I look?
The model number will be displayed on an electrical rating label which will be either on the side or base of the vacuum cleaner.

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Your model or type number will be a combination of letters and numbers, sometimes separated by a dash (-) or a slash (/).

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Call our customer services team on 0800 542 5852 and we'll try to assist you.

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