Miele G & N Purefilta HEPA Bag & Filter Pack (5) © Filtamagic

Miele G & N Purefilta HEPA Bag & Filter Pack (5)

Ref: VCP/2708

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This Miele G & N Purefilta HEPA Bag & Filter Pack (5) is designed to fit the following model(s):

Classic C1 Series
Complete C2 Series
Complete C3 Series
S227i to S240i,
S269i to S282i,
S400i to S499i,
S600i to S699i,
S800i to S899i,
S2000 to S2999,
S5 S5000 to S5999,
S8000 to S8999
Lifestyle Models:
White Pearl S400
Medivac S400
Cat & Dog 800
Cat & Dog 5000
Solution Hepa 5000
Allervac Sensor 5000
Argos Ref: 408/1788, 406/3562, 088/4532, 408/1726, 406/3548, 406/3555
(Miele G N Pack of 5 with filters)

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