Rechargeable cordless vacuum cleaner pre-filters

Rechargeable cordless vacuum cleaners give a whole new level of freedom to vacuuming – no more bending down to plug your machine in, then bending again when unplugging, repeated ad infinitum each time you move to a different room. You just pick your cordless machine up out of its charging cradle and get the job […]

Spring is in the air.

‘Spring cleaning’ time will soon be here again. Here’s are a few helpful tips from FiltaMagic on cleaning your house and how to keep your property in fantastic shape. If you don’t enjoy cleaning, the ideal solution is to develop the habit of ‘cleaning along the way’. For example, be sure to clean the dishes […]

Is a dirty filter totally messing up the efficiency of your vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaner filters prevent dust and other allergens escaping back into the air and basic filters use a ‘sieve’ method to remove particles; but smaller allergens can still pass straight through. HEPA filters are more effective because they use a variety of methods to trap smaller particles. At their most basic level, vacuum cleaners suck […]

Make it a Happy New Year with FiltaClean.

The party’s over, the guests have gone, the streamers are all over the floor and there’s cake and crisps mashed into the carpet. It must be 2018. The place just needs a quick tidy up before getting on with the New Year; but before you know it winter will be thawing and spring will be […]

‘Tis the season to get tidy…

If you’re the host for the family Christmas dinner this year, you will already be planning to prepare for your family and friends descending on your home looking to enjoy the turkey, cranberry sauce and the Brussels sprouts. (Well, maybe not the sprouts.) Begin by cleaning out the refrigerator and oven and vacuuming throughout to […]

Anatomy of household dust

Most people think human skin makes up the majority of household dust — but that mainly gets removed from the house in the bath or shower. Two thirds of the dust in your house comes from outdoors in the shape of dirt tracked in on your feet and airborne particles like pollen and soot. The […]

Is there an alternative way to clean your vacuum cleaner filters?

Vacuum cleaner filter cleaning can be a hassle; and repetitive. A major weakness of bagless vacuum cleaners is that the radial filters are usually placed in the centre of the dustbin, and depending on the model and usage they can quickly become clogged with sucked up dust and debris. Clogged pleated filters prematurely reduce the […]

The facts of the matter…

The FiltaClean Universal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Filter Protector is the solution to the following vacuum cleaner problems. Bagless vacuum cleaner filters always need cleaning. Bagless vacuum cleaner filters are very difficult to clean. Clogged filters prematurely reduce suction and cleaning performance. Clogged filters can lead to your vacuum overheating. Pleated filters are expensive to replace. […]

Top 10 Vacuum Cleaners 2017

The Trusted Reviews website recently road-tested – carpet-tested? – several brands and type of vacuum cleaner, including bagged machines, bagless models, cordless vacuums, cylinder vacuums and uprights. Each cleaner in the round-up was comprehensively reviewed and on their website you can read about the vacuums’ pros and cons; and see how well they cleaned in […]