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Dyson V8 SV10 & Early V10 Series replacement carpet brush roll

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This product fits:

Dyson V8 SV10 Series
Dyson Cyclone V10 Series early models:
Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute
Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal
Before purchasing please check which version you have as similar models may use the Direct drive 3 spigot format-refer to the image of the inside of your brush bar to determine if you need the 3 or 4 spigot brush bar format. 
Direct Drive Brushroll Bar
Direct drive 4 spigot format
Outer Diameter: 50mm
Overall Length: 237mm
Equivalent Dyson ref: 967485-01

(Pack of 1)
Dyson V8 Absolute Extra Dyson V8 Absolute Pro (Black) Dyson V8 Absolute vacuum Dyson V8 Animal Dyson V8 Animal Dyson V8 Animal Complete Dyson V8 Animal Extra Dyson V8 Animal Extra Vacuum Dyson V8 Animal+ vacuum Dyson V8 Total Clean vacuum SV10 Absolute UK 214744-01 (Iron/Sprayed Nickel/Yellow) 214744-01 SV10 Animal + UK Ir/SNk/Ti 253964-01 (Iron/Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Titanium) 253964-01 SV10 Animal Extra UK 324070-01 (Iron/Sprayed Nickel/Titanium) 324070-01 SV10 Animal Extra UK B 324070-02 (Iron/Sprayed Nickel/Titanium) 324070-02 SV10 Animal Extra UK Ir/SNk/Ti 253970-01 (Iron/Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Titanium) 253970-01 SV10 Animal UK 164537-01 (Iron/Sprayed Nickel/Titanium) 164537-01 SV10 Total Clean UK Ir/SNk/Rd 232707-01 (Iron/Sprayed Nickel/Red) 232707-01 SV10 V8 Absolute Extra UK/IE SNk/Ir/Ye 299242-01 (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Yellow) 299242-01 SV10 V8 ABSOLUTE PRO UK&IE SNk/Ir/Bk B (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Black) 344907-02 SV10 V8 Absolute Pro UK/IE SNk/Ir/Bk 344907-01 (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Black) 344907-01 SV10 V8 Animal + UK/IE SNk/Ir/Ir 324035-01 (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Iron) 324035-01 SV10 V8 Animal Complete UK/IE SNk/Ir/Ti 286029-01 (Iron/Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Titanium) 286029-01 SV10 V8 Animal Extra UK/IE SNk/Ir/Ir 330307-01 (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Iron) 330307-01 SV10 V8 Animal UK/IE SNk/Ir/Ir 298761-01 (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Iron) 298761-01 SV10 V8 Absolute Extra UK/IE SNk/Ir/Ye B(299242-02) (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Yellow) 299242-02 SV10E Carbon Fibre UK Ir/SNk/Ye 246531-01 (Iron/Sprayed Nickel/Yellow) 246531-01